Department of Computer Applications organized a Workshop  on 27th September 2019 on MVC ARCHITECTURE Resource person were Mr. Venkatesh Prabhu, Advisor of Thyway Creation and Phd Scholar from Computer Science Department Goa University. Idea behind organizing such workshop was User interaction enables use cases which would be impossible with only a statically loaded page. This is why, in modern web development, it is important to understand how dynamic pages are created. Perhaps the key to this is familiarity with the MVC architectural pattern.

On behalf of the Department of Computer Applications, Assistant Professor, Shri. Sameer Patil took the initiative to invite Mr. Venkatesh Prabhu , to address the students on implementation MVC ARCHIECTURE . In audience for the session were the T.Y.B.C.A. students and faculty of the Department of Computer Application.

At the beginning of the workshop Venkatesh Prabhu split the  Students in group of 3 each and later he started with his workshop by planning why mvc essential in web development  and how basically Model View Controller works and what’s the concept behind it.He explain it in very broad way to the audience with example and told students to make a Aeroplane and Boat with the help of paper provided them by resource person.Later he deals with the explain the stuff I programmatically how its easier to follow MVC Architecture , for the same he given task for students to create 2 pages with database connectivity in 30 mins and once students task over he started his programing session with students and explain each and every aspect in detail manner regarding MVC.Students also enjoy his way of delivering the workshop and many interaction took place, students ask queries and he solve  that accordingly . He explain normally pages should divide with 3 pages namely Model , View  and Controller and he also explain Project  strurture is also very important in mvc pattern to follow. Post lunch he did menu creation and template creation and explain how MVC pattern useful for big projects. Told Students practices required for programing and u cant skip programing , rather enjoy programing .

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